Happy New Year/New Tune!!

26 Dec 2013 8:46 AM | Deleted user
I get questions and comments about this blog in wax rooms all the time- from CMAC people and others. They give me more ideas on which way to take the blog and what people are interested in. We don't have much snow in the Pacific North West currently, so I know people are looking at skis in sad need of work. LET ME HELP YOU! Don't be shy.

I continue to bring many more ski, boot and binding tools than my son and I need to races and camps so that I can help. For a little while, I may carry my base welder along too, just in case. If you have a need, please look me up. I am pretty easy to find.

Remember- there is a ton of archived information in the BLOG INDEX. I left some headers as teasers (such as several advanced entries) as I know some concepts are more effectively  explained in person.


  • 01 Jan 2014 9:36 PM | Deleted user
    Yes, the Base Welder is a popular tool this year- unfortunately. It is getting enough use that I will keep it with for at least MOST of the season. Or until the rocks go away, which ever comes first.
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