What is Next for CMAC Tuning? Formalized Training for racers.

30 Jul 2014 8:08 AM | Deleted user

I am currently developing a curriculum for 3 levels for Tuning Certification for CMAC. I am not sure exactly the direction it will go yet (and I would love some input), but my gut feelings is for 3 levels of classes/certifications starting with Daily Maintenance, then Heavy Tuning, and finally Speed Ski Prep. Each level will have its own medals/awards, recognition, etc.

My ultimate goal is that our Juniors will be able to go to regional competitions without parents in tow as a support crew- and be the best prepared racers there! This sort of training is standard at academies, and I hope to match or better their quality. 

For parents- not only will you know your kids are well prepared, you can also have more free time- instead of Tuning Time! Let's get the Racers doing the tuning again!!


  • 20 Oct 2014 7:23 AM | Deleted user
    I have nearly completed the last quiver of skis I will prep this year, so I will get my focus back onto this project. Look for the training to be ready by early November.
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