A peek into my wax kits...

16 Mar 2015 6:58 PM | Deleted user

So, some say I am obsessed with wax and glide. I thank you for that kind comment. Others consider me Completely Nutz!! I have some advice for those with that opinion: Take up Soccer. It is a much more simple sport without all these little "details." 

Yes- I do have a few waxes. No, I do NOT have all of the waxes ever made- or even all of those currently in production. Why do I have so many? Because I am naturally curious, and the answers that "experts" told me were often unsatisfying. So I started experimenting on my own. And I have never stopped...

Here are 2 of my kits. These (together) represent about 1/2 of the variety of base treatments I own, and only about 20% of the quantity of my waxes.

This is my main travel kit- exploded. Small amounts of a great variety of speed treatments, and a couple of spurious items added to the picture. Can you find the most expensive and the cheapest?

Two sides of the same fold-open kit.

Side 1: Hydrocarbon waxes

Side 2: Fluros and Fluro/hydro blends...

I show you these kits for a couple of reasons-

First- to come clean. Ty's skis are fast for a reason

Second- Ty has almost graduated CMAC now and it is High Time I start to pass on my knowledge to the Next Wax Geek- or 2. And I have a plan to do exactly that: detailed training for the kids. I will reveal the details soon...

Keep Turning!!



  • 16 Mar 2015 8:08 PM | Deleted user
    BTW: I will be giving away some of my waxes and tools as part of my education plan for the younger racers who are interested in tuning and waxing. Should be fun!

    Stay tuned.
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