Race Reports

  • 21 Mar 2016 8:21 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    The Buddy Werner race could not have had better weather, we lucked out with beautiful sun all weekend at Mt.Bachelor. CMAC skied extremely well with the Men's Team placing 2nd overall, the Women's team taking 1st, and CMAC taking 2nd place for PNSA! We had some really great skiing at every level that help contribute to the 2nd place overall!

    • Men's SG : Lewis White 1st; Graham Barwick 10th; Michael Guo moved up 55 spots!
    • Women's SG: Anna Gibbons 5th
    • Men's GS: Lewis White 2nd
    • Women's GS: Evie Wright 7th, Aili Moore 8th; Ruby Stamnes 8th place on 2nd run
    • Men's SL: Lewis White 7th
    • Women's SL: Evie Wright 2nd; Anna Gibbons 4th; Aili Moore 5th
    Individual Overall Awards:
    • Lewis White Buddy Werner Men's Champion!!
    • Evie Wright 2nd Place overall! Aili Moore 4th overall!

  • 14 Mar 2016 3:01 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    We had three fantastic days of ski racing at Mission Ridge on March 18th to the 20th. The first day was the dual slalom where Winthrop Flaggart topped the podium for the boys and Poppy Honeybone placed 5th for the girls.

    The next day was the giant slalom. For the girls Annaliese Frolich took first place with Abby Headstrom in 13th, Aleah Waterson 16th, Quinn Dennehy 20th, Poppy Honeybone 23rd and Elise Walthers 25th. For the boys we had four racers in the top ten with Karsten Farris 3rd, Oliver Loeser 4th, Charlie Orford 6th, Tristan Krohn 7th and Ahad Athers 13th. 

    On Sunday was the slalom. Again Annaliese Frolich took first, Abby Headstrom 12th, Elise Walthers 14th, Poppy Honeybone 15th, Aleah Waterson 18th , and Nora White 22nd.  For the boys again we had four in the top ten with Karsten Farris 3rd , Winthrop Flaggart 6th , Oliver Loeser 7th and Ahad Athers 10th.

    Annaliese Frolichwon the girls overall title. CMAC tied for first for the boys teamchampions and the CMAC team tied for second overall.  

  • 03 Mar 2016 5:14 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    The 2016 Sun Cup DH/SG has decent weather without too much blowing and snowing, and even a little bit of sunshine. We had yet another Sun Cup DH winner: Alex Oseland won a DH event and Tristan Lecuyer came top 5 for the boys, setting himself up to challenge for the Sun Cup title next season. Katie Holm won a SG event, and Ty Ellis placed 2 in SG, so the CMAC speed success continues. We had numerous kids with to 15’s and many with strong move ups and great progress with tucking and jumping. The parents also enjoy the week as much as the kids. With all the great free skiing and awesome après ski, the trip was super fun. The full race results are here.

  • 02 Mar 2016 2:58 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Ty Ellisand Alex Oselandwho were invited to race at the U19 Nationals! 

  • 02 Mar 2016 2:56 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Congratulations to the CMAC U19 athletes selected for and currently alternates(*) for the WR Championships!

     Women  Men
    • Alexandria Oseland
    • Tess Baldwin
    • Jordan Harrison
    • Abigail Orford
    • Sierra Smith
    • Sarah Hampson*
    • Corbin Kray
    • Reed Lower
    • Tyler Ellis
    • Peter Moe-Lange
    • Blake Sharpe*
    • Maximilian Paek*
    • Jack Koefoed*
    • Tristan LeCuyer*
    • Liam Fenn*


    Congratulations to the U14 CMAC athletes selected for the WR Championship Team in Jackson Hole, WY! 

    Women  Men
    • Evie Wright
    • Aili Moore
    • Kate Jendrezak
    • Claire Walters*
    • Lewis White

    • Zach Derwin

    • Georgie Honeybone*

  • 25 Feb 2016 8:57 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    February 20-21 saw a fantastic weekend of racing for the Mighty-Mites at Stevens Pass for the annual WildKatz event.  Weather was great and the race venue challenging.  CMAC racers enjoyed excellent results with coaching from Tom, Tad and Ryan.

    On Saturday in the Giant Slalom for the Ladies, in the U10s, Quinn Dennehy grabbed 4th, Paisley Bigatel 9th, and Ellie Trulson 10th. In the U12s, Aleah Watterson was 8th.  In the U14, Claire Walters scored 2nd, and second overall for the day.

    For the Mens Giant Slalom in the U8 class CMAC crowded the podium with Gabriel Caccia in second and Gavin Trachte 3rd. In the U10 group, Sawyer Krohn took 2nd.  For the U14s, Ethan Golik was 8th.

    CMAC really showed its strength and depth in the U12s with 6 racers in the top 10.  Ollie Loeser won the race, Ben Albrecht was 3rd, Tristan Krohn 5th, Tanner Stines 6th, Gunnar Trachte 9th, and Andrew Minor 10th.  A photo of the mostly CMAC awards ceremony is below.

    In Sunday’s Slalom for the Ladies, Claire Walters took the top step, winning the U14 class (2nd overall). Aleah Watterson was 9th in the U12s and Quinn Dennehy scored 4th in the U10s.

    In the Sunday Mens Slalom, for the U8s, Gabriel Caccia scored 3rd and Gavin Trachte 8th.  For the U10s, Sawyer Krohn was 3rd and Carter Headstrom 6th. For the U14s, Ethan Golik was 6th and Quintin Ballweber 7th.  The CMAC U12s continued their success from Saturday with Ollie Loeser in 2nd, Ahad Ather in 4th, Gunnar Trachte in 8th and Ben Albrecht 10th.

    Next stop for the Mighty-Mites is Bantum Cup at White Pass where our CMAC athletes will compete in two GS races as their final tune-up before the U12 Championships at Mission Ridge.

    (Thank you to Tom Loeser for this race report!)

  • 12 Feb 2016 10:50 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    U16's rock at the qualifiers! Or as Simon might say we were really "chill". Most scored some points toward Junior Champs qualifications and we also had some nice performances from our rookies. We did get quite entertained by Connor Budd, and Justin Sanders and their spectacular head over heels crashes in the first GS. At first it appeared that they were down for the count, but both got up, shook it off and laid down some incredible fearless runs the next two days. Connor, was only .8 out from the winner on the final run. Our girls performed excellent as well, so many results and strong performances, you'll have to check the results to see the super strong CMAC performance. The full race report is here

  • 02 Feb 2016 11:10 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    We had a great FIS Speed series at Schweitzer.  The organizers saw some weather coming and pushed both downhill training runs to the first day, followed by two races for the women and one race for the men the next day.  Then we worked the second Mens DH and got all the Super G races in by the end of the trip.  We had really nice improvement from day to day as everyone found their line and speed tactics.  I saw improvements of several seconds closer to the leaders from the first training run to race day.   We have several athletes in the hunt for U19 national with strong top 10 and top 15 results.  That team will be finalized after the Snow King races next week.  Great job!  Results from the races below: 


  • 01 Feb 2016 5:10 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    On January 30-31, the Mighty Mites came back home to crystal for their second home race of the season, the Mighty Mite GS.  Though a bit on the chilly side, the weather was outstanding for racing and the courses were fast and fun.

    The ladies on Saturday were consistent as could be.  For both runs the top 5, and thus final results were the same.  Annaliese Frohlich took first, Abby Headstrom second, Quinn Dennehy third (1st for U10) with Poppy Honeybone fourth (3rd U12) and Lucy Kettrick fifth (2nd for U10).  The U10 podium had Quinn first, Lucy second, Paisley Bigatel third, Francis Atchison fourth and Josie White fifth.  There were no U8 finishers. Complete results are here.

    For the men, there was a tight battle at the top, with Karsten Farris and Ollie Loeser trading 1st and 2nd on the two runs.  Karsten took the top spot for the day, with Ollie second and Charlie Orford third.  Ahad Ather was the 4th U12, with Winn Flaggert in fifth.  For the U10s, Sawyer Krohn was first (5th overall), with Carter Headstrom second, and Win Chandler Third.  Wyatt Loeser was fourth and Deeson Patterson fifth.  Evan Jakubek won the U8s, with Gabriel Caccia second and Gavin Trachte third. Complete results are here.

    On Sunday, Annaliese Frohlich again took first, and Abby Headstrom again second. Eva Schoening was third, Poppy Honeybone fourth and Payton Abel fifth to round out the U12s.  For U10s, Lucy Kettrick was first, Quinn Dennehy second and Paisley Bigatel third. Josie White took fourth and Ellie Trulson fifth. Complete results are here

    For the men on Sunday, it was deja vu all over again. Karsten Farris and Ollie Loeser again traded 1st and 2nd on the two runs and Karsten took the top spot for the day, with Ollie second.  Ahad Ather was third, Charlie Orford fourth and Tristan Krohn fifth.  For the U10s, Win Chandler was first, with Carter Headstrom second, and Anderson Farris third.  Wyatt Loeser was fourth and Jack Lewison fifth.  the U8 podium went unchanged, with Evan Jakubek first, Gabriel Caccia second and Gavin Trachte third. Complete results are here.

    Anni Frolich and Karsten Farris were the combined winners for the weekend.

  • 28 Jan 2016 5:36 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    On January 23-24 a dozen CMAC MM boys made the trek over to Mission Ridge for the Apple Cup to get a feel for the U12 Championship venue coming in March. Conditions were outstanding and a great time was had by all. On Saturday, top CMAC finishers included Ollie Loeser in 5th, Gunnar Trachte 13th, Ben Albrecht 17th and Tanner Stines in 20th. On Sunday, the CMAC crew dialed it up! Ollie Loeser was 2nd, Ahad Ather 4th, Winn Flaggert 8th, Gunnar Trachte 11th, and Tanner Stines 15th.

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